VR/New Media

Sound Design + Spatial Mix

NBA Finals VR

Nominated for a Sports Emmy in Outstanding Digital Innovation. Strength in Numbers lets you relive the excitement of the 2017 NBA Finals in VR. It was unprecedented from the outset—the first time in history that two teams matched up for a third straight NBA Finals. Watch it for free on Oculus Video for Rift and Gear VR. 

Sound Design + Mix

Oculus | Tribeca VR Arcade

‘Meeting a Monster’ premiered at Tribeca VR Arcade as part of Cinema 360 : VR For Good Creators Lab. Through audio recordings and re-enactments, former white supremacist Angela King relives the memories of, and motivations behind, the eight years she spent inside the white power movement—and the path she took to get out. 

Spatial Mix

Cuba Is VR @ Annenberg

Complementing a rare, immersive look into Cuban life is a virtual reality experience that delves into Cuba’s current dynamic music scene, allowing visitors to virtually stroll along the storied Malecón. 

Sound Design + Interactive Tech

Adidas | 29 Rooms

OTB teamed up with Refinery29 and Adidas to create an audio visual interactive space for 29 Rooms in Los Angeles. We created custom programming and installed 13,000 LEDs and a large logo light box that reacted as participants moved into the room and across the floors. 

Sound + Interactive Tech

Target | TED Conference

In collaboration with Target for the TED Vancouver conference, we programmed software to translate voices into abstract drawings, and then used robots to create drawings in real time. Participants would ask a question relating to their experience at the TED conference and speak their response into a microphone. The resulting drawing was printed as a takeaway, a piece of art entirely unique to the pitch + timbre of their voice. 

Audio + Visual Interactive Tech

Janelle Monae | 29 Rooms

In partnership with Refinery29 and Janelle Monae we helped create a commentary on surveillance culture for 29 Rooms in Los Angeles. We created a live camera and video system that could dynamically flip between 8 live-feed web cameras housed in security camera enclosures and pre-recorded content. Everything being displayed on 6 cathode ray tube TVs + triggering dynamic lighting changes. 


Spotify | Dia de los Muertos

For Spotify on Dia De Los Muertos, OTB created an original soundscape. As visitors approached an altar at the top of a carnation bridge, the ambient ethereal sounds enveloped them and drew them forward. Referencing Mexican musical icons of the past, the soundscape contributed to the ancestral celebration and emotion and depth, further immersing the visitor in the experience.   


LOLA | Let’s Talk About It

For Lola’s new product line launch, OTB helped create a sex education hotline. By dialing (1-622-HEY-LOLA) callers can listen to honest thoughts on sex and reproductive health. We were the audio partner – consulting as well as editing and mixing voice recordings from experts and celebrities like Lena Dunham. The exclusive audio content was further highlighted with a mural and phone booths in Williamsburg, BK.   

Sound Design + Interactive Tech

New Balance | NY Marathon

We partnered with New Balance to create two interactive sound murals. The touch sensitive murals allowed participants to trigger programmed music + sound with each unique touch point at the entrance to Brooklyn + Bronx Marathons. 

Sound Design + Interactive Tech

Grinch Movie | Camp Flog Gnaw LA

For Camp Flognaw, a music festival in LA created by Tyler, the Creator, we helped create an interactive sculpture featuring Tyler’s music for the new Grinch movie. We created custom pressure sensors that were embedded into the Grinch’s fur. When pressed, they triggered synced sections of Tyler’s song. A pressure sensor in the floor also triggered LEDs inside the heart for a photo op.