VR/New Media

Sound Design + Mix

Monkey Business | LA Film Fest 2017

Animated feature documentary about the Curious George creators, Hans and Margret Rey. From fleeing Nazi-occupied France on bicycles to encounters with exotic animals in Brazil, the Reys lived lives of adventure that are reflected in one of the most treasured children’s book series of all time. Premiere at LA Film Fest 2017. Directed by Ema Yamazaki. 

Sound Design + Mix

Birth of Sake | Tribeca Film Festival

The Birth of Saké is a cinematic documentary that reveals the story of passionate saké-makers and what it takes to make world-class saké at Yoshida Brewery, a 144-year-old family-owned small brewery in northern Japan. Premiered Tribeca Film Festival 2015. Best Doc Film Palm Springs Film Fest 2016. Director Erik Shirai. 

Sound Design + Mix

High Rider

Nowness + Vimeo Short of the Week. Follow Hawaiian model Nalani Ravelo’s smoke-filled skate trip across Hawaii’s Oahu island. 

Sound Design + Mix


After miraculously surviving a stabbing attack, Hananel David is faced with overcoming his PTSD to become a paramedic and pass along the gift of life that has been given to him. Vimeo Staff Pick. 2016 AICP Awards Shortlist. 

Sound Design + Mix

The Story of Milk | NYTimes

A collaboration with the NY Times’ T-Brand Studio and MilkPEP, this short film takes us behind the scenes of how milk gets to tables around the country, from the cow to your glass. 


Live / Play

Feature documentary that tells the stories of five different players from around the world, woven together by one unifying passion: League of Legends. 

Interactive Tech

Janelle Monae | 29 Rooms

In a commentary on surveillance culture in collaboration with Janelle Monae + Refinery 29, we hacked multiple webcams into old school surveillance cameras, and routed the feed through custom switching software for display on old tvs. The room has exhibited in LA, SF, and will next travel to Chicago July 2018. 

Sound Design + Interactive Tech

Arrow Electronics + IndieGoGo | CES

We built four projection mapped interactive murals for the Consumer Electronics Show, the global stage for innovation in Las Vegas. When participants touched the mural, animations, sounds, and lights were triggered, to illustrate the resources Arrow Electronics + IndieGoGo provide to entrepreneurs. 

Interactive Tech

TED 2018 Conference | Target

We programmed software to translate voices into abstract drawings, and then used robots to create the drawings live. The participant was asked a question relating to their experience at the TED conference, spoke their response into a mic, and the resulting drawing was printed as a takeaway, a piece of art entirely unique to the pitch + timbre of their voice. 

Sound Design

Prana | Friedman Gallery NY

Art that breathes with you. We made the sounds for a room-sized interactive sculpture in which light sequences are triggered by participant’s breath, visualizing unseen energies in our bodies.