Sound Designer / Mixer / Co-Founder

Andrew has earned hundreds of commercial credits, working with the most respected agencies and brands in the industry. Approaching each spot as a composition, he layers the elements of sound effects, foley, music, and dialogue to create an immersive viewing experience.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a major in Music Synthesis, Andrew cut sound in LA for six years before moving to Brooklyn, where he now brings his unique talent and years of industry experience to One Thousand Birds.

Andrew's work has been featured in Spots for Audi, Intel, Pepsi, Converse, Gatorade, Sony, Ebay, Taco Bell, AT&T, BMW, Carls JR, General Electric, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Dell, French Toast Crunch.

His favorite sounds are roots being pulled from dirt, latex paint, and ratchets.


Sound Designer / Mixer

Calvin's first "words" were mimicking the sound of a firetruck driving by. Twenty-odd years later, his ears are still freaking out. Since attending NYU for Music Technology, Calvin has been an active musician, composer, producer, and sound designer - having mixed regional, national and global campaigns for Pepsi, HP, Landrover, Google, GE and MTV to name a few.

He currently plays guitar for Brooklyn Psych-Pop band Snowmine. He's an avid yogi, vinyl collector, mescal enthusiast, and without contacts, he's legally blind. (He also use to play guitar in Lady Gaga's band).

Calvin's favorite sounds are a Burmese Bell, a dog sneezing, and a whale thinking about it's dad.


Producer / Sound Designer

Originally a child of the desert, Kira migrated to the east coast to pursue her love of sound (and oysters). After graduating from Emerson College, she spent several years in Boston recording and mixing commercials, documentaries, and feature films. She also “wasted many perfectly good hours" listening to people’s auto troubles as part of her work at NPR’s Car Talk and thus, feels qualified to give the advice that if you think your car is haunted, it’s probably just an electrical issue.

Kira now resides in Brooklyn and occupies her days by eating as much good food as possible. She manages to squeeze in some producing and sound designing too, having worked on campaigns for 7UP, Squarespace, Motorola, and JetBlue.

Kira’s favorite sounds are canyon echoes, her cat Whisky’s birdlike meows, and perfectly foleyed footsteps.


Executive Producer / Co-Founder

Drawn to the development of artists and their impact, Laura began her career at Radical Media in NY, working closely with photographers to edit portfolios and coordinate shoots for top brands. She has since represented over 60 artists internationally, while living in NY, LA, and Hanoi.

She produces OTB's monthly concert series, OTB Live, hosting over 75 Brooklyn bands at the studio in the last two years.

Laura's favorite sounds are made by a slinky, the doppler effect or a mandolin.

ANDRES velasquez

Sound Designer + Mixer

Andres is a mixer and sound designer from Bogota, Colombia. He has worked on a broad range of projects, from live performance, to mixing and sound designing many national advertising campaigns.

His experience includes earning an MPSE Golden Reel for his work on the film Libertador, creating and performing live sound design for Karen O's Stop the Virgen's and Crush Songs and earning Andy, D&AD and Bronze Cannes Lion awards for his work in advertising.

He has worked on spots for Apple, Adidas, Target, Lexus, Priceline, Coors, Starbucks, Adobe, Cartoon Network, Cadillac, Sony, Puma amongst many others. He mixed and sound designed the Emmy Nominated Google ad "Year in Search".

His favorite sounds are rustling leaves, a tight fridge door opening and scraping heavy rocks.