andrew tracy

Executive Creative Director / Co-Founder

Andrew's first memory is of the sound of his grandfather's boat engine. His love of sound led him to a major in Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, and then to cut sound in LA as lead sound designer for clients ranging from Gia Coppola to Google. He approaches each project as a composition, layering the elements of sound effects, foley, music, and dialogue to create an entirely immersive viewing experience. His work has been featured in projects for Audi, Intel, Pepsi, Converse, Gatorade, Sony, Ebay, Taco Bell, AT&T, BMW, Carls JR, General Electric, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Dell, Google, Adidas, Subaru, Equinox, MoMA, Spotify. He moved to Brooklyn to start One Thousand Birds in 2013. He is currently the Executive Creative Director for the NY + LA studios. His favorite sounds are roots being pulled from dirt, latex paint, and ratchets.
andres velasquez

Sound Designer + Mixer

Andres is a mixer and sound designer from Bogota, Colombia. He has worked on a broad range of projects, from live performance, to mixing and sound designing many national advertising campaigns. His experience includes earning an MPSE Golden Reel for his work on the film Libertador, creating and performing live sound design for Karen O's Stop the Virgen's and Crush Songs and earning Andy, D&AD and Bronze Cannes Lion awards for his work in advertising. He has worked on spots for Apple, Adidas, Target, Lexus, Priceline, Coors, Starbucks, Adobe, Cartoon Network, Cadillac, Sony, Puma amongst many others. He mixed and sound designed the Emmy Nominated Google ad "Year in Search". His favorite sounds are rustling leaves, a tight fridge door opening and scraping heavy rocks.
laura dopp

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Inspired by the development of artists and their impact, Laura has represented over 60 commercial and fine artists internationally. She co-founded One Thousand Birds in 2013, and has produced projects across all media with partners like Google, Nike, Spotify, MoMA, HBO, Oculus. She currently oversees all commercial, film, VR, experiential projects for the NY + LA studios. Laura's favorite sounds are made by the Doppler effect, fires outside on super quiet nights, slinkies. 
calvin pia

Sound Designer / Mixer

Calvin's first "words" were mimicking the sound of a firetruck driving by. Twenty-odd years later, his ears are still freaking out. Since attending NYU for Music Technology, Calvin has been an active musician, composer, producer, and sound designer - having mixed regional, national and global campaigns for Pepsi, HP, Landrover, Google, GE and MTV to name a few. He currently plays guitar for Brooklyn Psych-Pop band Snowmine. He's an avid yogi, vinyl collector, mescal enthusiast, and without contacts, he's legally blind. (He also use to play guitar in Lady Gaga's band). Calvin's favorite sounds are a Burmese Bell, a dog sneezing, and a whale thinking about it's dad.
kira macknight

Executive Producer

Originally a child of the desert, Kira migrated to the east coast to pursue her love of sound (and oysters). After graduating from Emerson College, she spent several years in Boston sound designing + mixing commercials, documentaries, and feature films. She also “wasted many perfectly good hours" listening to people’s auto troubles as part of her work at NPR’s Car Talk and thus, feels qualified to give the advice that if you think your car is haunted, it’s probably just an electrical issue. Kira now lives in Brooklyn and occupies her days by eating as much good food as possible, while also finding time to executive produce projects for brands such as Spotify, HBO, JetBlue, Adidas, and Samsung. Kira’s favorite sounds are canyon echoes, her cat's chirpy meows, and perfectly foleyed footsteps. 
Shelby Sandlin


Born and raised in Cajun country of southern Louisiana, Shelby had pie in the sky dreams that were driven by a passion for sound. She graduated in Advertising from Louisiana State and cut her teeth in the NYC music industry, at an independent record label in Brooklyn. She was a project manager, and also helped create the label's first remote arts, film, and music festival in Marfa, TX. After 7 years, 100s of concerts, and waiting for too many late night trains, Shelby made the leap to the West coast to pursue a change of scenery and sound scene.   She now produces all OTB LA sound design projects for commercial, film, and VR. She also develops and curates OTB's events and their partnerships.   Shelby's favorite sounds are newborn baby squeaks, cat snores, and driving on snow.
Torin Geller

Sound + Interactive Designer

Originally from Boston, Torin came to New York to study Music Technology at NYU. After building his first synthesizer in a used pizza box, he now spends the majority of his time dreaming up new (and hopefully hilarious) ways to interact with music. When he’s not trying to make a bowl of water play a major scale, you’ll probably find him digging through the dollar bin at your local record store or eating as many burritos as he possibly can. Torin’s favorite sounds are slo-mo laughter, electric kalimbas, and stepping in piles of leaves.